Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Government is out to get you...

Being bovine, we know the truth behind all the deceptions in society, but we are unable to convince anyone. Our solution is our protest....long live the revolution.


  • The Rewritten Comment (commence drumroll):

    Are you going soft (or vegetarian) on us?

    (Bit of an anti-climax, eh "fatty"?)

    Viva la revolution!

    By Blogger Yohan, at 12:58 am  

  • Hey...I was always a post-modern vegetarian!!! Waise chickens are stupid and they deserve to be eaten.

    Vive la revolving chair!

    erleswmi...earl swami

    An R. K. Narayan character of British nobility?

    By Blogger Elefantasia, at 10:03 am  

  • Hey back off stonerboy!

    By Blogger Mandel's Broth, at 1:48 pm  

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