Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Public Privates.

-'Who is Paris Hilton?
-'A famous heiress.'
-'What is she famous for?'
-' For being a celebrity.'
-'And why is she being celebrated?'
-'For being famous.'
-Adapted from Non Sequitur

Perhaps, they are celebrated for supporting the economy, especially for providing employment for those with peculiar careers. For, they spurn memorabilia, business for florists, hairdressers, cosmeticians, plastic surgeons, journalists, acrobats and stuntmen (for snooping in those hard-to-reach places), racers (to chase the celebs), doctors and nurses (to attend to the penultimate end of car chases), lawyers who greedily lap up the cases and no end of police, security............ Or maybe, it is because they lap up all the attention lavished upon them and bear this cross with all the heartiness of a drunken sailor.

No matter what, I am wondering what Gwyneth Paltrow thought when she opened the newspaper one bright, cheerful morning to find a whole page devoted to discussing how her post-pregnancy bosoms were quite 'becoming.' Did she fling her cup of tea over her head and yell, 'Codswallop,' inspiring Coldplay's next song, just before phoning her lawyers? Or did she merely flicker her lashes, yawn and tell her husband ' Right, so three more articles about me this week. I guess dinner's on you then, darling.' Or does she look at the gurgling baby, dribbling all over her designer bib, smile cheekily to herself and say, 'Apple, you are my inspiration.'


  • What a huge change from the blog that was at this address before...

    By Blogger Milan, at 12:59 pm  

  • Now you've piqued my curiosity. What was the previous one like?

    By Blogger Elefantasia, at 8:53 pm  

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