Monday, October 23, 2006

The Whirling Dervish.

As she spun faster and faster, she wondered, did they mistake her to be cold? Or was it because she was cordial that they did not like her?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boredom and Anxiety.

The cavalier cloud scuds by.
I reach out.
And grab sunshine.


" The upside to free-falling- its the chance you give your friends to catch you."

A surprise call from an old friend. Persistent mailing from a dear one. A spontaneous chat at an unusually blue moment.
Extremely good radar, or just God's little helpers?

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Butterfly Effect.

The real reason for global warming. Two entities, one mind, one spirit. Only separated by a time barrier, each carves a niche for himself in the same time space. If this doesn't create a discord in the harmony of the Universe, what will?

wait..whats that?? Listen closely..............


Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Good Life!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Government is out to get you...

Being bovine, we know the truth behind all the deceptions in society, but we are unable to convince anyone. Our solution is our protest....long live the revolution.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Delayed Lethargy Disorder.

In the online game of Tag, you're it, I wasn't quick or nimble enough to escape an army of Fs. So, here are my First Fifty to Familiarity:

1). I am very proud of my South Indian heritage.
2). I wish I knew more about my South Indian heritage.
3). My philosophy:the Bobby McFerrin song, 'Don't worry, be happy'
4).That doesn't stop me from hyperventilating every now and then.
5).The greatest influence in my life is 'Winnie the Pooh' by A. A. Milne.
6).Most of my philosophies on life have been attained from it.
7). I am still quite naive. I believe wishes can come true and sometimes,when I am wistfully staring at the radio, I am hoping there are little people living in it.
8). The innate goodness of people is something I believe in.
9). People as a concept, fascinate me. I love their quirks.
10). I dislike people who take pride in being scruffy. It is a simple courtesy to not look like a hobo, who has just escaped from a concentration camp, when other people are waiting on you and serving you.
11). I like people who are in touch with their inner child.
12). I greatly admire my brother, and probably always will.
13). I intensely dislike people saying I look like my brother with longer hair or that I talk, act, have similar mannerisms etc as him.
14). Colour makes me quite delirious.
15). I am more religious than people think. I believe God will take care of everything, so we shouldn't worry.(Read 4).)
16). I pray before every meal.
17). I love making lists and organising stuff.
18). I have a maniacal urge to clean, especially when I'm depressed.
19). Chapstick and earrings are my weakness.
20). I like boots.
21). Man's greatest invention is the toe sock.
22). I love most animals, especially elephants. On my to-do list before I die is to play a football match with them.
23). My dream is to one day have Sod and Dod: Pet Detectives.
24). Cats, rats and such vermin scare the bejeezes out of me.
25). I wage war on most insects.
26). I love cooking for other people.
27). I am surprisingly, quite traditional.
28). I love most fruits and vegetables.
29). I am usually a good girl. I like following the rules.
30). I like punctuation.
31). I like the feel of some words like gambolling, frangipani and confabulations.
32). Early mornings, when no one has woken up and the birds are singing is one of the most pleasant experiences I have had.
33). I believe everyone should be able to enjoy a beautiful wintry morning or the feel of a pleasant breeze.
34). I love rain. In moderation.
35). I hate the fact that you can no longer go and play in the rain because the water is too polluted.
36). Even though I don't particularly like the place, I have lived in Dubai for most of my life.
37). I hope I never go back.
38). I like my ears.
39). I do not like my knees.
40). I love dancing. Especially just freaking-out-enjoying-the-music dancing.
41). I work hard to be mean at times because usually I try to be nice and end up being a push-over.
42). I thankfully, just found somebody who makes me look un-pushable.
43). I feel loved.
44). I detest the use of sex in a crass and unnecessary way.
45). I believe I have been born into the wrong era.
46). I'm very 60's flower-child, peace baby, the conspiracy of the Man, woodstock.
47). I admire the British. I love their food and their TV.
48). I feel tall.
49). Whenever I get up early in the morning, I like to sit on the swings in a nearby park.
50). I mistrust most technological gadgets.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beautiful sunshine,
on distant, exotic skin
Tans my thoughts of you.